Preset Guide

Use presets with confidence.

There are many presets in VSCO, but understanding what the various groupings represent can help you to edit your photos and videos with confidence. This guide consolidates a short description of all presets, and a link to a journal with more info for each.


Free Presets:

M5, T1, B5, C1, G3, B1, M3, F2, P5, X1


Film X Presets:

These presets are the result of an advanced physical modeling process that recreates the look of various films. The first letter represents the brand. A = Agfa, F = Fuji, I = Ilford, K = Kodak. The second letter tries to point to the film’s original name, and the number tries to point to the film speed. AU1 = Agfa Ultra 100. They all have a white background and colored letters, and had additional controls when tapped into. The Character control emulates changes to exposure with the film, and the Warmth control emulates changes to the scanner model. 

Below are helpful articles about each film model:

AU1 AU5 AV4 & AV8 FN16 FP1, FP2, FP4, & FP8 FR4 FS1 FS4 FS16 FT6 IH5 KA1 KA3 KCP2 KE1 KG1 KG2 KP1 KP2 KP3 KP4 KP5 KP6 & KP7 KP8 KP9 KT32 KU1 KU4 KU8 KX4


Standard Presets:

01-10 / Legacy: These presets are the first VSCO presets from the original VSCO Cam app in 2012. While they are simple, they look just as good today as they did then.

A1-3 / Analog / Archetype: With hints of pastels, lifted mid-tones and slight overexposure, A1, A2, and A3 embody analog film. Analog / Archetype is the perfect choice for portraits, interiors and food.

A4-5 / Analog / Aesthetic: With natural tones, subtle color shifts, and slight fading, Analog / Aesthetic is inspired by classic analog film. Well-suited for interiors, portraits and food photography, this A Series Pack is perfect for those desiring an understated look to complement their images.

ACG / NikeLab ACG: The preset is especially suited for the bustling atmosphere of the city, from towering bright lights to the most intense climate conditions.

AGA1-3 / Agave: Uncover jewel tones and punchy pastels with Agave (AGA1-AGA3)

AL1-6 / Artificial Lighting: The Artificial Light Series (AL1-AL6) pack softens or boosts the effects of LED, fluorescent, and mixed lighting scenarios. Ideal for indoor, food, and night photography, use AL1-AL6 to transform artificial light within your image.

B1-3 / Black & White Classic: Simple yet enduring, the B Series: Black & White Classic preset pack provides subtle black and white refinement. B1, B2, and B3 provide excellent shadow detail and contrast. This pack's classic presets accommodate a wide range of images.

BBMA / Billboard Music Awards:These cool blue hues are best suited for portraits in both light and dark settings. Add some color to your palate. Experiment. Have fun.

C1-3 / Vibrant Classic: The C Series: Vibrant Classic pack provides a boost to colors, making it a highly useful pack for creating dynamic images. Boasting vibrant, yet controlled colors, C1, C2 and C3 are timeless, all-purpose presets created for a variety of scenarios and uses.

C4-9 / Chromatic Collection: Inspired by the aesthetic of early color photography, The Chromatic Collection embodies the bright and bold look of mid-century analog film. Strong primary colors mix with muted neutral tones, perfect for portraits, environments, and stylized editorial.

D1-2 / Distortia: Reimagine the boundaries of color with these presets, created for unconventional looks and customizations.

DOG1-3 / Isle of Dogs: Inspired by the movie’s (Isle of Dogs) colors and close-ups, use your new presets to edit photos of the details that bring your bigger picture to life. 

E1-8 / Essence: Crafted in the spirit of the now discontinued VSCO Film® 05 for Lightroom and Photoshop, Essence / Archetype embellishes golden highlights and deep shadows, harkening back to the gilded age of consumer film stock.

F1-3 / Mellow: Desaturated and understated, the F Series: Mellow / Fade presets yield elegant results. An all-purpose pack with analogue film qualities, F1, F2, and F3 excel at beautiful skin tones and quiet everyday moments.

G1-3 / Portrait: The VSCO Cam G Series: Portraits presets deliver vibrant portraits, capturing fresh and even-toned skin. 

G4-9 / Portrait: Made for portraits shot in diverse settings, The Portrait Series (G4-G9) features six presets ranging in tone and emotion. Whether you’d like the colors surrounding your subject to be warm, cool, or neutral, these presets will help you achieve your desired mood. Turn to this preset pack to amplify the essence of each person in front of your camera.

H1-6 / Polychrome: An ideal all-purpose pack, Presets H1, H2 and H3 excel in fashion, lifestyle and still object photography. Subtle pink, yellow and purple hues evoke the best memories of summertime.

HB1-2/ Hypebeast: Created in collaboration with HYPEBEAST, these presets feature a cool and subtle color palette that accel in urban settings.

IND1-2 / Indigo: Part of the Walk In The Sun VSCO campaign centered around summer light, IND1-2 impart cool tones and blue moods.

INF / Infatuation: Originally released in collaboration with The Infactuation for DSCO only, the INF preset was designed to best highlight the aesthetics of food in. 

J1-6 / Minimalist: Emphasizing the beauty in stillness, the J1, J2, J3, J4, J5, and J6 presets lend to quiet moments, contemplative settings, portraiture, and architecture.

JM1 / Jimmy Marble: Originally released in collaboration with Jimmy Marble for DSCO only.  Bold and contrasty, this preset works best in brightly lit settings to create the strong, pop-y look that is Marble’s signature.

K1-3 / Analog Classic: Based on classic Kodachrome film, long before the days of Film X, the K Series: Analog Classic pack emulates the bright and poppy look of its analog forefather. These presets are classic, bold, and recommended for a variety of scenarios.

KK1-2 / Krochet Kids: Created in collaboration with Krochet Kids Int., KK1 & KK2 are Vivid and warm, perfect for portraits and outdoor environments.

L1-12 / Landscape: The Landscape Series was designed to reinject images of natural beauty with life. Each preset is intended for use with specific scenery as labeled in its name.

LV1-2 / Levi’s Commuter: Created in collaboration with Levi’s, LV1 is a vibrant preset suited for urban settings, and LV2 is a classic black & white effect.

LV3 / Levi’s Commuter:  An all-around preset, LV3 is perfect for shooting in warm, natural light throughout the day. Even tones and mild desaturation create a rich, slightly aged effect. 

M1-3 / Mood: Underexposed: The M Series: Mood: Underexposed pack issues a subtle mood. Slightly faded and underexposed looks define M1, M2, and M3. Exaggerated browns and greens make this pack preferable with nature, still life, and expansive environments.

M4-6 / Subtle Fade: The M Series: Subtle Fade pack evokes the vintage hues of the 70s. These desaturated and mellow presets are ideal for urban environments and portraits.

MTV / MTV: Originally created in collaboration with MTV for DSCO only, the MTV preset is Fun, colorful, and 90s retro — the perfect amount of irreverence for your GIF needs.

N1-3 / New Modern: Tailor-made for bright lights and colors, this N Series works well with photographs shot with the flash or direct sunlight. N1, N2, and N3 have a modern and bold aesthetic.

NC / Neocha: Subtle and warm with an emphasis on reds, oranges, and yellows, NC is designed to produce dynamic and memorable images that bring to life the creativity, beauty and untold stories of Asia.

OAK1-3 / Oakley PRIZM: To simulate their technology within our app, VSCO color scientists teamed up with Oakley engineers and co-created presets that powerfully enhance visual clarity and contrast, just like the #PRIZM Lenses.

OC / Opening Ceremony: Originally created in collaboration with Opening Ceremony for DSCO only, the Opening Ceremony DSCO preset is likewise elegant, clean, and refined. “We were inspired by the mood of some of our in-studio editorials,” explains Aimi. “We chose to make our preset desaturated to contrast everyday images and really make the elements in the image feel connected. It’s moody. It’s intriguing!”

P1-3 / Instant + Warm: The VSCO Cam P Series: Instant + Warm pack emulates the warm, creamy overtones and pop qualities of quintessential instant film. P1, P2, and P3 are best suited for images of food, fashion, and everyday life.

P4-6 / Instant + Cool: Available in the VSCO Cam in-app store, the P Series: Instant + Cool pack has an instant film appeal with emboldening cool and faded tones. P4, P5, and P6 afford alluring blue and cool tones for a variety of situations.

P7-9 / Instant Classic: Representing a wide range of instant film aesthetics, the VSCO Cam P Series: Instant Classic pack is well equipped for all-around use. P7, P8, and P9 are best suited for boosting images with classic yellow or blue tones, helping you attain a fun, distinctive look in the vein of the now discontinued VSCO Film® 03.

Q1-10 / Alchemy: An experimental technique in which films are developed in an alternative chemical solution, Cross Processing often creates dramatic color shifts and high contrast. The Alchemy Collection emulates this technique and features rich vibrancies balanced by refined tones, making this pack ideal for lifestyle photography, stylized portraiture, and strong statement images.

S1-3 / Bright + Clean:  The S Series: Bright + Clean pack offers gorgeous results. Flourishing with brightness, S1, S2 and S3 generate splendid skin tones and achieve optimal results when paired with portraits or scenes with lighter backgrounds.

S4-6 / Bright + Warm: The VSCO Cam S Series: Bright + Warm pack brings a summer feel to your photos. The warm orange and yellow tones are perfectly suited for on-the-go portraits and sun-drenched lifestyle images.

SE1-3 / Street Etiquette: Embodying the look and feel of Street Etiquette's work and inspiration, this pack accentuates dark and gritty tones, as well as deep and bold colors that are fitting for an array of occasions.

SS1-3 / Street Style: From vibrant accents to muted moments, we invite you to challenge the conventions of style with the Street Style Series (SS1-SS3)

SUM1-2 / Sumac: Part of the Walk In The Sun VSCO campaign centered around summer light, SUM1-2 impart warm tones with deep reds and burnt oranges.

T1-3 / Heavy Fade + Moody:  The T Series: Faded + Moody pack offers deep faded values, complemented by dramatic color hues. The T1, T2, and T3 presets create an ambience well-suited for environments, nature, and darker lit images.

TECH / Nike Sportswear Tech Pack: Created in collaboration with Nike Sportswear, the preset creates a bold, duotone look using strong black and red hues. The tonal range of each image is remapped to these two colors, resembling the innovative look and expressive style of Nike Tech Pack.

TK / Ta-Ku: Created in collaboration with Ta-ku, this special edition preset pays homage to his visual aesthetic. Moody, muted, but bold, it brings out the complementary colors of rosy highlights & blue-toned shadows, embracing his approach of honest and emotive storytelling.

U1-6 / Urban: The Urban Series (U1- U6) preset pack features 6 presets crafted to enhance images of city life through rain or shine, from dusk 'til dawn. 

V1-8 / The Low-Contrast Series: These filters are well-suited for scenes of still-life, portraits, and urban settings, expanding your image's natural tonal range while simultaneously generating beautiful and gently muted looks.

WE / We The Creators: A special preset created as part of the We The Creators campaign that originally overlaid text on images, this preset draw from our Film X presets for a gorgeous analog sound.

X1-6 / B&W Fade: The X Series: Black & White Heavy Fade pack adds a rugged and faded edition to the classic black and white packs. X1, X2, and X3 exult gorgeous grey tones and possess a strong dramatic quality suitable for a broad range of situations and subjects.


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