Video Tools



What are Video Tools?

Photos and videos share many attributes, but only video contains the aspects of time and audio. To adjust these aspects, there are a few extra tools in the editor when a video is loaded:

trim-small.jpg Trim - adjust the start and end points of the video to remove parts that aren't needed.

volume-small.jpgVolume - adjust the volume of the audio attached to the video


In addition to these, most of the same tools that are available for photos are also available for videos:

geometry_icon.jpg Adjust - Correct geometry with straighten, crop, and skew.

Exposure_icon.jpg Exposure - Brighten or darken all the tones.

contrast_icon.jpg Contrast - Increase or decrease the difference between highlight and shadow tones.

Sharpen_Icon.jpg Sharpen - Adjust fine details.

Saturation_icon.jpg Saturation - Adjust the strength of all colors at once.

Tone_icon.jpg Tone - Adjust highlights and shadows.

White_Balance_Icon.jpg White Balance - Adjust color warmth.

skin_icon.jpg Skin Tone - Ajdust the color of skin.

vignette_icon.jpg Vignette  - Darken the edges to bring focus to the middle.

fade_icon.jpg Fade - Add a washed-out look.

split-tone_icon.jpg Split Tone - Add a color to highlights and shadows.

borders_icon.jpg Borders - Add a frame.

HSL_icon.jpg HSL - Adjust specific colors.


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