Bug fixes

Thanks for your patience as our team has worked to fix some bugs you may have experienced. Below is a list of bugs that have been fixed and bugs that are scheduled to be fixed. 

For bug fixes in progress, we recommend to update the app weekly and check this article weekly for when the bug is fixed.

If you have not already done so, please visit the App Store or Google Play to manually update the VSCO app.  

VSCO for iOS update here

VSCO for Android update here 


Bug Fixes in Progress


1. All hue sliders in HSL tool are shifting red hues



No issues to report


Bug Fixes

VSCO v172 (iOS)

1.  Unable to capture DSCO or image with VSCO camera 

2. Unable to capture RAW or JPEG images with VSCO camera

3. VSCO folder in Photos app missing 


VSCO v172 (Android)

No issues to report



VSCO v171.1 (iOS)

1. Original EXIF/Meta data on photo is overwritten with new meta when publishing and saving edits (iOS)


VSCO v171 (Android)

No issues to report



VSCO v170.1 (iOS)

1. White thumbnails / blank images appearing in Studio


VSCO v170 (Android)

No issues to report



VSCO v169.1 (iOS)

1. Location data is not shared to VSCO or Camera Roll

2. SS1 - SS3 and SUM1 - 2 presets missing


VSCO v169 (Android)

1. White Screen at Launch Android 



VSCO v168 (iOS)

1. Favorites missing. We have moved the Favorites section to your VSCO Profile. Tap here for more details. 

2. Unable to import and image into VSCO from iOS Photos app extension

3. White screen and long load time when first opening VSCO app. If you continue to see this after updating to v168, please force close and reopen the VSCO app. 


VSCO v168 (Android)

1. VSCO in-app camera not capturing images



VSCO v166.1 (iOS)

1. No sign in option. If you experience this, please see our article Unable to sign into VSCO (bug fixed)

2. Missing check mark button when posting image or video to profile.

3. Missing check mark button to save changes when editing profile.


VSCO v167 (Android)

1. Not able to import photos from Google Photo or other apps into Studio. 

2. Unable to import images and videos into Studio. 

3. Unable to use VSCO Camera In-App (capturing and importing into Studio)