My images are missing or showing as white or blank in Studio (iOS)

If you no longer see your images in your Studio and instead see a white or blank space where your image(s) used to be, please note this is a known issue our engineers are working to fix. 

This issue should be fixed in VSCO version 170.1 which is now available in the App Store. 

Tap here to update VSCO for iOS

Below is a work around that you can try that may help to display the images. 

1. Tap on any image that is not appearing and open the image in the image editor. Add a preset or toolkit item adjustment to the image and then tap on Next in the top right corner. Save as draft on the following screen.

2. After you have saved the image as a draft, force close and reopen VSCO. All of your images in your Studio should start to slowly appear. Please allow up to 30 seconds and slowly scroll in your Studio to see if the images appear. 

If this workaround and the app update does not help you, please submit a ticket using our Help option.