Blank import screen / white thumbnails in Studio

If you are seeing a blank / white screen when trying to import images into VSCO or white / grey thumbnails in your Studio, one of the following issues could be occurring:

1. Allow “All Photos” access has not been enabled for VSCO.

2. Your iCloud back-up of your device (which includes VSCO data) has not finished downloading images in your Photos app from iCloud, or there was something wrong with the iCloud backup restoration process.* 


To solve this issue, please try the following steps:

1. Allow VSCO to have access to “All Photos” in your Photos app. If you didn’t initially enable this, you can enable by opening your iOS Settings>VSCO (scroll to bottom of settings page)>Photos>Enable access “All Photos”.

2. Wait for your iCloud backup of your device to fully restore (which includes all images in the Photos app) before you attempt to import images into VSCO or view your existing images in your Studio. We advise to wait until your iCloud backup restoration is complete on your device before opening VSCO.


*It should be noted that VSCO displays thumbnails of images in the Studio when imported from the Photos app. The image itself is not being imported into VSCO; only a reference to that image in the Photos app. VSCO will show a blank thumbnail or empty area whenever the reference point to the original file is broken. For more information on how VSCO stores images in the Studio please see Storing photos on VSCO.





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