Unable to publish images to VSCO

If you are having trouble posting images to VSCO, please try the following workaround before contacting support:

1. Force close and re-open the VSCO app.
2. Force restart your device.
3. Go to device Settings and turn off wifi and turn on your cellular data. 
4. Import a different image or video from your camera roll into VSCO and try posting to your VSCO Profile. If the media doesn't appear in your Feed or VSCO Profile, pull down on the screen to refresh the page.
5. Repeat step 4, except try to publish on a wifi connection rather than using your cellular data.

If the above workaround doesn't help you to post images to VSCO, please provide the following info when you submit a ticket:

1. What state/country are you located in?
2. Are you using cellar data or wifi when publishing your images to VSCO?
3. If you are using wifi, are you on a home, school, government or another wifi connection?
4. Provide a copy of the unedited image you are attempting to publish.


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