How to use the New Studio

You could access the VSCO Studio by tapping here.

We've heard your feedback about our new Studio on iOS. Our team is continuing to review feedback and committed to creating the best experience for our community.

Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts and experience when using VSCO. 



1. Modifying the original image

We will be releasing a fix that will reverting back to saving a copy of the original image when exporting from VSCO rather than 'modifying the original image.'

This update will be available in v202 in the AppStore on Feb 2. 


2. Create a draft (Importing within VSCO):

You can now create a draft of one or more images from your camera roll within VSCO. You must update to VSCO v201 in the AppStore to use this feature. If the AppStore does not automatically update the app, please visit the AppStore and manually update.

Tap here to update VSCO for iOS

To create a draft of one or more images:

1. Open VSCO and tap on Camera Roll within your Studio

2. Tap on one or more images that you'd like to bring into your drafts

3. Tap on More in the bottom right corner of VSCO

4. Tap on Create drafts



Video walkthrough of the New Studio

Note: this video does not include the new update which includes how to import images from camera roll into drafts.



Below you will find a Tips and FAQ section.

If you are having trouble with the New Studio experience, please know that we love to hear your feedback and we discuss this regularly with our Product team. Please reach out and share your thoughts so we can continue to iterate and make VSCO the best experience it can be for you. 



1. Creating drafts (importing images from camera roll to drafts): Open VSCO and tap on Camera Roll within your Studio, tap on one or more images to import, tap on More in the bottom right corner of VSCO, tap on Create drafts


2. If you are looking to create an album of specific images within VSCO for editing, we recommend to create the album in your Photos app, and then select this album in the Studio filter "Albums" option. You can then choose which image you want to edit within the album at any time. 



3. If you want to copy and paste edits without "Modifying the original" photo, you will need to bring in the photo from the camera roll to drafts. To do this, tap on the images or videos in the camera roll tab in VSCO, tap on More>Create Draft. Once your draft is made, you can copy and paste edits without needing to modify the original image in camera roll. 

4. Export multiple images at once - If you're trying to export multiple images at once, you will need to export these from the Drafts section. Tap on all the images you want to export within the Draft section, tap on "more" in the bottom right corner and then "Save to Camera Roll."

5. If you're having trouble seeing your exported images from VSCO in your Photos app Albums, tap on Library in the Photos app and you should see your most recently exported VSCO photos. Please note that we no longer create a VSCO Cam folder nor export images to this folder. 


6. Applying multiple edits to an image - If you want to layer on multiple presets or edits to an image, first you will need to edit the image from your Camera Roll and export the edited image as a copy to your Camera Roll. After you've done this, locate the edited image in your Camera Roll, tap on the share option in the bottom left corner, scroll down to find VSCO and import into VSCO. The image will appear in your Drafts as a new copy of the image, separate from your Camera Roll image. You can then apply a second round of edits and export the image to your Camera Roll. 



What is the difference between Camera Roll and Drafts in my Studio?

  • Camera Roll is a mirror image of images and videos in your Photos app. Drafts are copies of your edited media from your Camera Roll. 

How do I import an image from the Photos app? 

  • Locate the image you want to import into VSCO in the Photos app, tap on the share option in the bottom left corner, scroll down to find VSCO and import into VSCO. The image will appear in your Drafts as a new copy of the image, separate from your Camera Roll image. You will want to import images into VSCO if you plan on copy and pasting edits but do not want to modify your original images in your Camera Roll. 


IMG_0140.PNG     IMG_0141.PNG


Does editing directly from the Camera Roll in the new Studio modify the original image or video in the Camera Roll?

  • No, the original image or video will not be modified when editing, but will be modified if you use the copy and paste function. Any edits you make to images or videos from your Camera Roll can either be exported as a new copy or saved as a Draft within your Studio. Note that if you copy and paste edits on images within Camera Roll, you'll be required to give access to VSCO to modify this image. If you'd prefer not to modify the original photo, see the step above to import the image into VSCO from the Photos app so you'll have a new copy of the image in your Drafts section in your Studio.


What happens when I delete an image or video from the Camera Roll?

  • The images or videos will no longer be visible in the Camera Roll section of the new Studio. 


What happens when I delete an image or video from Drafts?

  • The image or video will be permanently deleted from the Drafts section in the new Studio, however, the original image or video will remain in your Camera Roll. 


What happened to my previously imported images and videos in the old studio?

  • All of your content is still in your new Studio and you can find this under the Drafts section. 


How do I start a draft?

  • From any album in your Camera Roll, start editing a photo. If you want to come back to finish editing your photo or video later, you can save it as a draft by clicking “next” in the editor and save as a draft. These will remain in the Drafts section. 


What are filters?

  • Filters allow you to sort your media by edited, unedited, images, videos, favorited (Camera Roll only) and not saved to Camera Roll (Drafts only). You can also choose multiple combinations of filters such as Edited images or unedited videos. 


What is the Studio Layout?

  • This feature allows you to sort your Studio view to display square media only (width of 3 images), small portrait/landscape versions of your media (width of 2 images), and large portrait/landscape versions of your media (width of 3 images)


Why isn’t my edited content from the old studio showing up with the edited filter?

  • All of the content you have edited previously will show up in the Drafts section. Starting now, any content you edit using the new studio experience will show up with the edited filter.

Is the VSCO edit history remembered on an exported image?

  • Yes. When you edit an image in VSCO from your Camera Roll and export the image back to the Camera Roll, the edit history is actually stored within the image in your Camera Roll. Anytime you open that same image in VSCO, VSCO will automatically load the last edits you made to the image in the editor. 


Can I favorite images in the new Studio?

  • Yes. To favorite images, double tap on the image or video to enter detail view and tap on the heart in the top right corner. This will also favorite the media in your Camera Roll. You cannot favorite media in Drafts at this time. 


Why can’t I edit or post a video to my VSCO profile?

  • In order to post or edit your videos, you have to be in an active trial or be subscribed to the VSCO Membership.


How do I create a Montage in the new Studio?

  • You can create a Montage by selecting more than one or more images or videos from the Camera Roll or Drafts section and tapping on the Montage icon on the bottom navigation bar. You cannot combine images from the Camera Roll and Drafts into a Montage at this time. 


Can I go back to the older version of Studio?

Not at this time.  


Can I remove dark mode from Studio?

Not at this time.


If you aren't already a VSCO Member, we invite you to join our community and try out a free 7 day trial of the VSCO Membership.