Journal Deprecation

We’ve made the tough decision to remove our free Journals feature from our VSCO app starting February 2, so that we can continue to invest our resources to work on building new tools our community will love.


Why are you removing Journals?

As we focus on  creating the best experience for our members this year, we’ve had to take a look at some of our legacy tools and features that do not serve this focus. Our hope is to continue building new tools that get you excited to invest in your creativity this year.


Where are my private journals? How can I download private journals?

Unfortunately, private journals are no longer available in the VSCO app or on the web. Your published journals are accessible via the web version of VSCO,  however,  any private journals that were not published are no longer available for download or accessible on the web. We apologize that this was not more clear and for any inconvenience this may have caused. 


Can I recover images or text that I used in a private journal?

This can be possible. Any images you used to create a private Journal with came from either your camera roll or Studio within VSCO. We recommend to look in your camera roll or VSCO Studio for these images. If you can't locate the images we will not be able to help you recover these. Additionally, there is no option to recover any text that was part of your private Journal. 


What do I need to do?

If you would like to make any edits to any existing journals, create new ones, or delete a journal you will be able to do so before January 26, 2021. Starting Feb 2, all journals you have created previously will no longer show up in the app. You can continue to view and download your published journals by logging into your account on the web version of VSCO at


Can you delete Journals for me?

Unfortunately, we cannot delete journals for you at the moment. If there is a safety concern regarding your public journal, please submit a ticket for further information. 


How do I download a published journal from my profile?

On a desktop or laptop computer, visit and sign into your VSCO account. 

1. Click on Journal

2. Click on the journal you want to download

3. Right click on the page and select "Save as". You'll want to make sure "webpage, complete" is selected as your format. 

4. After you've downloaded the html file, you can then open it on your desktop or laptop computer. 

5. Any images you want to save, right click on and select "Save as"


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