How Do I use RAW?

You could access the VSCO Studio inside the app by tapping here.

RAW file formats offer incredible creative control over an image by providing you with an uncompressed file, unlike JPG or other compressed file formats.


Please note that RAW capture within the VSCO app is no longer available. 


A few things to note about RAW on VSCO

1. RAW support is available for iPhone 6s and newer Apple devices.

2. RAW support is not available on any Android device at this time. Please note, if you import a RAW file into the VSCO Studio on Android, the thumbnail preview will be a low-resolution JPEG. We do not recommend importing RAW files on Android as your resulting JPEG will be poor and unacceptable in quality.

3. VSCO currently does not offer the option to export the original RAW images that were imported into the VSCO Studio. You can still edit the RAW file and export as a JPG.

4. Most RAW files from DSLR, mirrorless, and non-mobile cameras are supported by Apple. Here is a list of supported camera makes / models on Apple / iOS 


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