Unable to create VSCO account

If you are having trouble creating a VSCO account please be sure to not use special characters such as %&^$#@!_ when inputting a username and only use letters, numbers, and hyphens. Please update your VSCO app to the latest release. 


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Having issues with creating a VSCO account with Snapchat, Apple SSO, or Phone?

If your session is getting stuck and you're not allowed to continue with the registration, please perform the following:


1. Sign out of the session by tapping Sign Out.


2. Force quit VSCO. Tap here to learn how to force close on iOS

3. Restart the Sign-up session by relaunching VSCO.

4. Tap Create a new Account.

5. Tap either Sign up with Apple, Snapchat, or Phone.


Remember to not use special characters when creating a username.

Invalid special character in user names:




Acceptable format for user names:




If you continue to experience this issue email us at

Please provide the following:

1. Screen recording of the issue

2. The method you are signing up with (Snapchat, Google, Facebook, Apple, email, phone number)

3. Version of VSCO you are using (Please update to latest version of VSCO 221 before you submit an email)

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