Creating an account in China


Thank you for choosing VSCO to explore your creativity. We are aware there are reported issues with users not being able to create a VSCO account. 


To create a VSCO account, please sign up with VSCO by using the "Sign-up with email" option only.


If you don't see the options to "Create a new account" and "Sign-in" VSCO, please perform the following: 

1. Force close your app session. How to force close on iOS

2. Relaunch VSCO. (You should see the options to "Create a new account" and "Sign in")

Do not use any account creation by SSO ie. (Apple, Google, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.), or "Sign up with phone" options.


We have found that you can create a VSCO account using a email address.


If you cannot create a VSCO account and need help, please submit a ticket on a desktop or laptop computer at


You will not be able to submit a support ticket on a mobile device if you cannot create a VSCO account.