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  • John Jones

    Option to view vsco 2022 capture after initial viewing

  • lhaliti13579

    I agree. Even tho I blocked them, me following them is still on their Activity list, so they can still check my account.

  • Debbie Mikalixen

    Had to get a restraining order against my ex and yet he can still see everything i post online. FIX THE BLOCK FEATURE PLEASE. It’s necessary to restrict others from interacting AND viewing the account. After I block I shouldn’t be seeing their account in my activity feed.

  • simonesyoussef1

    The privacy settings really need to be updated. I want to be able to post freely without worrying about those that I have blocked still being able to view my content. The current setting should be renamed as “restrict” as they cant interact with your content. Then you should add a thorough “block” feature to prevent those blocked from even viewing your name or being able to look you up.

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