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  • lhaliti13579

    I agree. Even tho I blocked them, me following them is still on their Activity list, so they can still check my account.

  • Debbie Mikalixen

    Had to get a restraining order against my ex and yet he can still see everything i post online. FIX THE BLOCK FEATURE PLEASE. It’s necessary to restrict others from interacting AND viewing the account. After I block I shouldn’t be seeing their account in my activity feed.

  • simonesyoussef1

    The privacy settings really need to be updated. I want to be able to post freely without worrying about those that I have blocked still being able to view my content. The current setting should be renamed as “restrict” as they cant interact with your content. Then you should add a thorough “block” feature to prevent those blocked from even viewing your name or being able to look you up.

  • aruba iqbal

    This psycho person is stalking me and I’m scared they’re able to keep up with all things I’m doing. I’m very scared and this isn’t fair. I don’t want to make a new account because all of my memories from when I was 16 up until now (I’m 22) are on my vsco account but vsco doesn’t want to change the block settings. PLEASE MAKE A REAL BLOCK BUTTON you don’t understand how many people feel unsafe because of this.

  • John Jones

    Option to view vsco 2022 capture after initial viewing

  • myahmena

    This is no longer a safe platform and VSCO’s disregard for the safety of their majority women users is the craziest thing I’ve seen on social media. It needs to change and it needs to be changed quickly.

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