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When importing let me know if the photo/video was imported before

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  • Zach Hodges

    Andrés Montes This is a great suggestion. I agree, this would be really nice. Adding to the backlog!

  • Ram Mahajan

    This is what i am waiting for long time. I main goto app is vsco and i have around 15k photos in my phone. While scrolling through the gallery, i keep importing the photos that looks interesting to me in vsco but with this huge library you are not sure whether its added before or not. So please incorporate this feature of notifying for duplicate photos and also allow to import videos from the photo library. And if possible please give feature to re align photos in studio, so i can see the look and feel of the feed in studio before posting in instagram. Thanks, looking forward for great 2023 for vsco

  • anna wang

    Great suggestion, adding my support on how helpful this feature would be.

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