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  • Zach Hodges

    Kyle Igarashi This is super interesting, I'm grateful that you're calling this to our attention. I'm not able to reproduce this though, I'd love to know more specifics about your process here, but this isn't really the right place to get into all of that. Could you write into support about this and tell them what kind of files you're comparing with (is this raw? Pro raw? heic? jpeg?) and what adjustments you're making on both apps that's causing this result? I'll let them know to expect a message about this and see if we can figure out what's going on here.

  • mark lundberg

    It's likely because Lightroom is keeping the photo at the original resolution because Lightroom Mobile doesn't just export at mobile sizes BUT VSCO is only concerned about mobile sizes and is likely downscaling the dimensions. Lightroom Mobile understands your photos aren't just for your phone, nor should they be! Photos have lives outside of our phones - VSCO app and it's team still doesn't seem to fully grasp that though. This is shown clearly in their export options versus Lightroom Mobiles export options. 

  • ssaurabh2008

    Experiencing the same issue on my Iqoo neo 7 pro.
    Photos edited and exported from lightroom look very crisp and have almost no noise. Whereas photos exported from VSCO have very bad quality and lots of noise.

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