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VSCO: Photo & Video Editor

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The power of VSCO editing, now on web

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  • Official comment

    Thank you for your feedback, Fabrizio! If you haven't already, please share in more detail what you'd like to see with a Mac OS version VSCO app in our Feature Requests topic for our team to review. If you have any questions related to VSCO Studio on web, share them here! 

  • Fabrizio

    Nah, this ain’t it fam. Where’s the native Mac OS version?

  • salma khan

    This is a game-changer! As a regular reader of various tech sites, I couldn't be more thrilled to hear about VSCO's expansion to the web. The integration of VSCO editing on desktop will undoubtedly be a massive boon for creators like myself who often rely on tech tools for efficient and professional editing. I'm eagerly looking forward to the upcoming releases, especially the simultaneous editing of multiple images and a batch of exporting options. Kudos to VSCO for embracing technology and making the creative process even more accessible and powerful! 🚀📸

  • Mayah

    We appreciate your thoughts here, salma khan! Please continue to share your feedback with us as VSCO Studio on web evolves and let us know what you think or would like to see more of in the future! 

  • Brian White

    So far it's been a great start. I do feel we need the ability to crop and rotate images. That would make it more streamline feeling with editing.

  • Derek Crandall

    Save time and development costs and go back to selling VSCO presets for Lightoom. You'll make a ton of money, and all of the desktop editors you're trying to appeal to will love you. You already have a well-established platform where people can share their photos, and desktop users will want to share their VSCO edits on that platform. Occam's Razor—the simplest solution is almost always the best.

  • jasonniallennis

    I'm still using VSCO presets for Lightroom, I still can't understand why it was discontinued? Was it piracy? Hard to monetise? 

    Would love to see the Lightroom presets revitalised with newer camera profiles etc.. As a pro I can't see myself using this web app. 

  • Flora

    I would love it if I could see the photos I am editing on my phone in the desktop version of the studio as well and vice versa! That way we can edit across the platforms, and would also make it easier to save photos to our phones.

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