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Road map

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  • Official comment

    Thank you for this additional request, Super Alpine

    Upcoming releases will include:

    • Simultaneous editing of multiple images
    • Batch exporting with additional options
    • Synced drafts between the mobile app and the web
    • Refined editing control with Pro Presets
    • More essential tools and presets to support professional workflows

    In terms of a roadmap for the VSCO Community to reference, you can stay updated here and through our Blog for future updates. You can also share this request with others and encourage them to upvote if they agree!

  • Rob Brown

    +1, to a 3rd party file sync solution.


  • msmoczynski

    Hi guys, hope more editing tools from the mobile app will come to the studio. Currently can't really do my edits without the HSL panel.

  • ashley

    You can now easily sync drafts across mobile and desktop with VSCO Cloud! Discover more -

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