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Full-Res TIFF Import/Export Options

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    Heya mark lundberg and Doug James

    Definitely hear you both on RAW and TIFF support. RAW Support is pretty complex and we are definitely considering it. TIFF support (import and export) is relatively easier and something we are considering on our roadmap. 

    Doug James In regards to file size, this is due to some compression algorithms. You'll notice the file size is smaller, but the input resolution and output resolution of your images are the same. We did some A / B comparisons of input and output images from VSCO Studio on web and while the file size is smaller, we couldn't see any visible compression artifacts even when zoomed in. 

    Concerning zoom, this feature is available. It's on the bottom left side of the screen when you are in detail / single image view. 


    Product Manager, VSCO Studio on web

  • Doug James

    Agreed. Since whatever update, the uploads seem to be much smaller in size. Also the zoom feature on the main page has been removed. All of these are pointing to a loss in interest imo

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