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Experiment with 200+ high-quality filters


Desktop App for MAC OS


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  • Official comment

    We appreciate the feedback, Mark. Keep it coming!

    You can add the VSCO Studio on web application to your computer using this guide -

  • Hey mark lundberg!

    Thanks for your feedback! 

    As Ashley mentioned, you can always use VSCO Studio on web as a PWA. It's really cool. 

    Concerning other file formats: RAW is definitely something we want to support, however, it's extremely complex and resource intensive to implement and maintain. We aren't ruling it out but it may take a while if we decide to go down the RAW support path. TIFF export isn't too bad to support and Ill be sure this goes on our feature request list. 

    In regards to AI masking - this is absolutely something we are looking into. Our aim is to make the photo editing process simple and enjoyable with powerful tools.

    If there's anything else I can help with, please don't hesitate to reply.


    Product Manager, VSCO Studio on web

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