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What/s the point of desktop?

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  • Alex Sawyer

    100% with you. Was pumped cause I got an old Fuji camera recently and thought - “perfect, now I can have a desktop workflow for my camera!” But due to everything you mentioned, I’m back to using my phone to edit all my camera photos.

    Also love VSCO but am very confused (and feel a little bait-and-switched since it feels like I’m paying for a public beta) with the desktop app.

  • danieljarquin195

    The desktop serves as a crucial component of a computer's user interface, offering several key functions and benefits:

    1. Central Workspace

    • Organization: The desktop acts as a central hub where users can organize and access their files, folders, and applications quickly. It provides a visual and intuitive space to store frequently used items for easy retrieval.
    • Accessibility: Users can place shortcuts to programs, files, and folders on the desktop, enabling faster access compared to navigating through multiple directories.

    2. Application Management

    • Launching Applications: The desktop allows users to start applications directly by clicking on their icons. This reduces the need to search through the start menu or file system.
    • Multitasking: Users can manage open applications more efficiently. Taskbars or docks (depending on the operating system) are usually part of the desktop environment, showing which applications are running and allowing for quick switching between them.

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