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  • Official comment

    Hi, freefirefadil427! Thank you for letting us know - if you haven't already, open a ticket with our support team here

  • freefirefadil427

    Problem export still not fixed yet

  • Kalli Venckus

    Hi, I deactivated my account and I have tried to log back in to activate it again and I cannot get back into my account. When I am logged in on the web it says this profile is inactive, how can I get my account back

  • suzanmartel1958

    Bonjour je suis nouvelle et j'aimerais savoir s'il est possible d'utiliser VSCO sur mon téléphone et sur mon ordinateur avec le même compte. Je ne voudrais pas payer 2 fois. Merci. 

  • mayah

    Hi there, suzanmartel1958! Your VSCO profile can be accessed via mobile phone and your computer, however, the Studio and VSCO Cam are not available on desktop computers (only your profile and Discover feed)!

  • danichickfashion

    Hi, I deactivated mu vsco account 3 days ago and now I can’t get it, I tried everything and people from support won’t answer, please I want my account back

  • cloetehansen

    one day my account logged me out automatically and now when i try to log in, i receive a “error signing in” what should i do?

  • Mamone Artesanal

    Hello. We use your app to edit our photos and then post them on Instagram. We edit 1 photo, copy those edits and then paste on the others photos. Now i´m trying to do that and we can´t. Something changed? Thanks.

  • tmoney11111

    I'm confused why simply viewing friends profiles is becoming more and more cluttered? It use to be very clean, no clutter, no ads, a straight forward interface. Then about a year ago maybe, they started adding this little 'cookies' icon in the bottom left corner. No matter what you do, you can't get rid of it, and if you actually want to zoom in to view someone's pics, rather than the basic wide view that shows you multiple photos, the cookie icon gets massive and starts blocking the screen! To make things worse, now suddenly today I come on here and apparently they've made the top icon bar (with the profile button, search button, stories feed and profile links) stick to the page no matter what! So now we have to always have that bar there when viewing a profile? And of course that gets huge when you actually try and view a full size image? I don't get it, why make it so difficult to just view pictures on here? Yes I have the app, but it's phone only, and I limit myself on what I use my phone for. On top of that, I have to squint when reading small text or looking at tiny images on my phone. It just seems like they've purposefully made vsco a lot more cluttered, and I'd much rather use Instagram where at least I can click on someones photo and get a full size photo from it! On here, you click and get a tiny photo, unless you zoom to like 300%! Its just nuts! Really wish they would remove the cookies icon, and unstick the top icon bar :( I miss the old vsco site. Please consider reverting your changes!

  • faith.fitzell

    CAN SOMEONE HELP ME DELETE JOURNALS/JOURNAL PHOTOS?? Please I want to use my account more but they don’t exist on the app but they’re visible through a link to the account or in the webpage. I tried using the website to delete and there’s no option! I don’t want to delete my account just a couple journal pictures! Can’t go around sharing an account that’s got pictures with my ex in it still

  • juliakayoneill

    Why were journals deleted? Why don’t you bring them back? What are you doing to prevent art plagiarism?

  • Catherine Chow

    Recently just bought a new phone. After I login to my VSCO account on my new phone, my previous drafts and photos went missing in my account.
    Saw the help link on how to restore the app backup from your previous phone but the thing is...VSCO app doesn't exist as an app that can be backed up on iCloud. Which means VSCO app doesn't allow or simply don't have the function to backup their stuff on iCloud, VSCO is not on the list in iCloud backup page to click or toggle for backup. Is that a bug or VSCO simply removed the backup function long ago? How do I restore the backup on my new phone when I can't even backup the VSCO app on iCloud on my old phone??

  • Berker Sazak

    Hi there! Thank you for all services and support. Congratulations! But I have a suggestion for increasing application. I can't stop the video while editing videos. You must allow permission to stop the video during video editing. Thank you.

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