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  • Official comment

    Hi, Emma Garchinsky! You can find sign-in tips here and in the meantime, try closing the VSCO app and restarting it from your phone!

  • kyanna.secord

    I cannot log in on my mobile device either, it keeps saying my password is incorrect when I have changed it several times.

  • Beto Galetto

    Hi, Emma. I'm having the same issue here. I tried resetting/changing my password without success. It works just fine on the website, but not on the app. I tried to contact the support via email, but since I'm using iOS 12 they won't offer any further help. Is it your case too?

    VSCO, I get your "move forward" motto, but at least give your users some time to do that too. Not everybody can buy new phones with the same frequency you say so. You could at least give us some prior notice so we can save our stuff - I'd say even save our work in some cases - instead of just locking us out and washing your hands. I've been an user and an enthusiast of your work since the beginning, but man, this move is kinda cheap.

  • mayah

    Hi, kyanna.secord! After confirming that you haven't received password reset verification in your spam or promo folders in your email inbox (find helpful troubleshooting on that here), submit a support ticket with us so we can help you out! 

  • mayah

    Thanks for that, Beto Galetto - we appreciate your honest feedback! When you say "prior notice", what would that look like for you and others with the same issue? Is this something you'd like to share with us as a feature request also?

  • Beto Galetto

    Hi mayah. First of all, I wouldn't want to get locked out my account/pictures because some lack of support or "move forward" movement. I get you want to use the best of the new technologies and stuff, but at least do something in consideration of your older users. You don't need to keep working on improvements or anything, but please just let us keep up with our lives. I'd expect any other compatibility issue due to some new iOS feature, but never to just get a "invalid password" message and that's it. No support, nothing. You could just write "screw you" and would feel the same. The only thing I've got from your support was a "update your iOS" message. But hey, we've been through a f*ing pandemic. Not everyone can get the newest iPhone when you decide.

    About a "prior notice", the least you could do was explicitly say "hey, we don't want to keep supporting older versions. So, do something and backup your stuff or you'll be soon locked out" instead of doing that out of the blue. 

    Sorry about all the "ranting", but I was expecting a better support from you guys. Even though I've been a free member since 2011/12, and never gave you any direct dollar, I've got some amazing support from other free services like mailchimp. Some support guy once lost a whole afternoon trying to help me formatting an simple email and in the end even sent me a shirt "thanking me for my patience". What you're doing for your said "community"? Get the difference?


  • mayah

    Totally get it and understand where you're coming from and how this affects your using the VSCO app - thank you for your feedback, Beto Galetto! I sent you a note earlier but wanted to echo it here for reference!

    There are inconsistencies we have found where older devices are no longer supported that would hinder both one’s ability to sign in with email and use tools based on the older OS version. We understand that this is unfortunate, however, we’ve found that the resources and development necessary to continuously support older operating systems are not sustainable. Despite this, we are continuously working with our community to create a better VSCO for all, so please know that this type of feedback is helpful to us! 

    Again, we truly apologize for the inconvenience it has caused you and completely understand why your request is necessary to accessing your account. Please reach out to me via the email ticket you have open if you have any other questions!

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