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I can't geotag anymore

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  • Official comment

    Hi there - it sounds like this could be a bug or regression from a previous version of VSCO.

    First - do you have the latest version of VSCO installed?

    Second - are you uploading an image captured from your iPhone or another device? If another device youll want to make sure geolocation is enabled there.

    Third - Are you editing the image in any other app before editing in VSCO? Another app could be removing your location data. 

  • mayah

    Thanks for letting us know here, marcuseliasson94! Can you describe to me happens when you attempt to geotag your post? 

  • M El

    When I attempt to geotag a post. It simply doesn’t show any geotag when i’ve completed the photo upload. (Even though I clicked the geotag-button)

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