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Save in sRGB colour space

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  • ilikescience1

    If you do additional edits after VSCO on a computer it's with keeping the display p3 space and working in that space. When you export the final image from Photoshop, affinity, Gimp, or whatever you use you can export that in sRGB.

    If you insist on working within sRGB space during post-VSCO editing any photo editor listed above can convert the working space to sRGB.

    Alternatively, using LCMS 2 or Argyll can batch convert files to sRGB.

    sRGB is a poor working space however. It's very small and excludes highly saturated colors. It has particularly poor coverage of high saturation blues and cyans. This doesn't give much maneuverability in the editing process. It's best to work in a larger color space and export to sRGB for display on the web.

    If you're doing all editing on an iphone then unfortunately your color management options are much more limited.

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