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VSCO Plug-In for Photos on mac OS

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  • Official comment

    João Cabral Be sure to upvote this feature request also for us and the VSCO team to see it!

  • João Cabral



  • Fladson Gomes

    This would be awesome.

  • Arthur Chaumay

    Or even a dedicated app for MacOS would be greatly appreciated!

  • Ryan Belk

    I will use the VSCO film Camera RAW presets until they don’t work anymore! BUT if VSCO developed something new or brought that back it would be massive for my workflow (as well as many others).

  • Kyle Igarashi

    Yes, it would be great if they refilled this gap in photo editing that VSCO created when they discontinued their Film presets (which I still use for all my mirrorless and DSLR editing). As much as people use phones today for creating content, if they really do want to focus on "creators", they're missing a huge chunk of the creative work flow by only providing a mobile tool to apply their filters.

  • ashley martin

    VSCO Presets are the greatest that were ever created. I would do anything to have them back. My photography isn't the same. 

  • Kyle Igarashi

    I've had an on-and-off relationship with editing my mobile photos in the VSCO app. But what I've concluded is that the absolute best results in mobile photography come from editing my iPhone photos using my old VSCO Film presets in Lightroom Mobile. The amount of control over attributes of an image that Lightroom provides means that the VSCO Film presets provide more appealing, more accurate results. I'm so glad I kept my old presets. VSCO really started to become less appealing and less "professional" to me when they abandoned VSCO Film for the mobile app, and I see zero advantage to paying for a subscription to get mobile filters when I could be paying for superior LR presets for both mobile and mirrorless/DSLR editing.

  • Lucie Bevilacqua

    Yes Kyle i think like you ! it is really a big mistake to have stop the presets for computer ! i don't understand why ... when you really love pictures you can't do good job on your iphone !!! the iphone result is really bad and if you want to do prints in big size , you forget about this !!!

    i continue too to work with all the vsco 

    I think it's like our stupid world , money money only !!!

  • Marina Goulart de Faria

    I would love to have Vsco presets avaiable for Mac again. I miss it so much! They were the best for editing my Raw files.

  • Ram Mahajan

    Yes please

  • linda jaseck

    VSCO is my most favorite app for photos. However, I get so tired of staring at my tiny screen. I do all my work first on my MAC desktop in Photoshop then email myself the photos so I can work with them in VSCO and then email them back to myself. In the process, I'm losing resolution. I'd give anything to have VSCO on my desktop. It would be a dream come true. I love VSCO + I'll always use it but expanding my capabilities for a large screen would be a dream.

  • Pierre Kleynen


    I am a video and sports photographer, mainly of acrobatic gymnastics. I use VSCO to edit my photos because I'm a big fan of the application and the filters, I found my style and the simplicity of use is ideal. 
    However, like other users I ask for the addition of features for creators, not only influencers. (I use an iPad PRO)
    I have issues and here are the two features that would "save my life":

    - Add a "select all" feature to the import of new photos. (I have to select my files one by one..)

    - The ability to export photos in 300 DPI! (for printing photos!)
    (the function "export all drafts" is already present, so add a possibility to export in "high resolution" ?)

    So please, can you think about the feasibility of this?
    I'm willing to pay more if I have to.

    My work: @acrobaticsbykln

    Thanks in advance,

  • Kei Naiki

    I am one of the rare people who likes to develop in ADOBE CAMERA RAW.
    I will never forget the first time I developed a film with VSCO film. I don't shoot much with mobile.
    I think it is very silly to shoot with a mirrorless camera and develop on an iPhone.
    I think 4-5 typical presets are fine.
    I would love to see it come back.
    I am waiting with bated breath from Tokyo.

  • Katherine Soutar


    I am using an old set VSCO desktop presets that I LOVE. Mostly the Kodak Portra and Fuji film ones.
    Am updating my computer and would like to know where they are saved in so I can migrate to my new machine.

    where are they saved on my computer?

    I have followed and tried the usual place but they are not there. Help please!

    These presses are my fave!

  • michaelbhavel

    A dedicated VSCO app for macOS would be greatly appreciated!

  • Forbes Rossbacher

    Mayah would love to know if there's been any traction or potential updates on this request. Would love to see a streamlined Mac experience, app, and ability to edit while utilizing a desktop.

  • linda jaseck

    Hey All,

    I continue to follow this thread as its still one of my biggest wishes for design/ photography...Did you all read that VSCO is rolling out a desktop version this summer as part of their VSCO PRO membership. (Slighly more expensive). This could be the total game changer we have all been waiting for. So go to VSCO's site to read about this. Coming anytime soon! I hope I read it correctly!! Cheers + Happy creating! :))

  • ghmpxzqhjc

    I'm completely behind bringing VSCO to Photos as a Plug-In. My photography is almost universally shared online and I use Apple Photos as my catalog. I love the  presets VSCO offers however the editing process would really benefit from a larger screen..i.e a macOS device such as an iMac or in my case a 15" Macbook Air

    So I'd encourage the plug-in route 

  • Mayah

    Hello, VSCO Community! We have great news to share: VSCO Studio on web is now available for preview with Pro Membership. You can learn more here and share your feedback in our VSCO Studio on Web Feedback topic here in our Community Forum.

    Happy Creating! 

  • linda jaseck

    I am pretty excited about this. I have been waiting to sign up as a Pro Member to try this new product/ studio.

    I'm excited to give it a go. Thank you VSCO for finally making this a reality! Cheers :))

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