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Private Account

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  • Official comment

    Love this feature suggestion, ehayes8! Anyone else agree? You can upvote or sign in to comment below! 

  • ariana.long99

    Please. I’m begginggggg

  • Tia Bishop

    Came here to post the same request!!

  • jane bird

    I would LOVE a private account! Genuinely want my VSCO so I can post journals in photo form. I’m sick of having to remove unwanted followers or knowing I’m being stalked. Thanks!

  • +4915781603050

    Hello, i would love to use VSCO instead of Instagram so it would be great if I could make my account private so just the people I accept can see my pictures. Also a great feature would be that just people who are in your contacts can add your private account otherwise you will not get a request. It could be another extra feature for more privacy. Sadly if there won’t be a privacy feature some day I will never replace Instagram with VSCO because privacy for my Pictures is indispensable for me today. With kind regards.

  • Maria Tereza Mendes Rabelo

    Concordo demais. Privar meu VSCO seria perfeito e me sentiria mais livre tb... apoio.

  • mayah

    Thanks for sharing your feedback, Maria Tereza Mendes Rabelo! Who else here agrees? Comment and upvote below!

  • nicolekamidai

    Concordo demais!! Não sei quem está vendo minhas fotos e as vezes não sinto tanta segurança em postá-las!


  • shanileead

    I came here to make this same feature request! Hope it can be implemented soon!

  • thatsmehrb

    would absolutely love to have a private account & would help make the community safer :)!

  • mayah

    Thank you for sharing, Jules! We appreciate your detailed request on advanced privacy settings. I'll be sure to share this idea with our team!

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