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Private Account

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  • Official comment

    Love this feature suggestion, ehayes8! Anyone else agree? You can upvote or sign in to comment below! 

  • Tia Bishop

    Came here to post the same request!!

  • jane bird

    I would LOVE a private account! Genuinely want my VSCO so I can post journals in photo form. I’m sick of having to remove unwanted followers or knowing I’m being stalked. Thanks!

  • ariana.long99

    Please. I’m begginggggg

  • +4915781603050

    Hello, i would love to use VSCO instead of Instagram so it would be great if I could make my account private so just the people I accept can see my pictures. Also a great feature would be that just people who are in your contacts can add your private account otherwise you will not get a request. It could be another extra feature for more privacy. Sadly if there won’t be a privacy feature some day I will never replace Instagram with VSCO because privacy for my Pictures is indispensable for me today. With kind regards.

  • Mayah

    Thanks for sharing your feedback, Maria Tereza Mendes Rabelo! Who else here agrees? Comment and upvote below!

  • thatsmehrb

    would absolutely love to have a private account & would help make the community safer :)!

  • shanileead

    I came here to make this same feature request! Hope it can be implemented soon!

  • Gabby Moretti

    Please give us the option for private accounts my creepy ex keeps posting pics for me

  • Mayah

    Thank you for sharing, Jules! We appreciate your detailed request on advanced privacy settings. I'll be sure to share this idea with our team!

  • m-i-k-l

    Maybe there can be an option when making a post that lets you pick if anyone can see it, or just the people that you follow can (similar to how someone can only message you if you follow them).

  • laura.chmiel5

    Please make this feature... I always felt like vsco was the safest social but I've been stalked lately even on my vsco. I would be sad if I had to leave this platform because of that.

  • Maria Tereza Mendes Rabelo

    Concordo demais. Privar meu VSCO seria perfeito e me sentiria mais livre tb... apoio.

  • kaitlin.beare

    would absolutely adore this feature, i came over here to suggest the same thing !

  • Jayden Taylor

    I came here to make the same request! Let’s make the VSCO community safer! I’ve used the blocked button but they can still see me from saving my url. Please make private account a feature!!!

  • neonninja3333

    Would love this too! I’ve had VSCO forever and love the platform but lately have felt uncomfortable posting with the amount of attention my posts have been getting. I would love a setting that keeps posts to followers only and one that made it so people had to request to follow. Thanks so much!

  • marishkanev

    Please can you make the private account option. Keep the public account option available for those who want it but I want my vsco profile to be more of a journal that I share with specific friends not for everyone in the world to see

  • kaitlin.beare

    please add a private account feature !

  • alanastults

    yes!!! please add a private account feature!

  • skylar snouffer

    yes please!!! i recently came across this scary reddit that was screenshotting random girls vscos and sharing the link under the reddit post. super scary!! i really want there to be a privacy feature.

  • nicolekamidai

    Concordo demais!! Não sei quem está vendo minhas fotos e as vezes não sinto tanta segurança em postá-las!


  • Piesie KAN

    Yeah I think users should be allowed to have private accounts

  • Mayah

    Hi there, Gabby Moretti! Thanks for sharing your feedback on this request. If the person you've mentioned is posting your work without your permission you can file a claim with us here

  • vmmacheca

    Same request! Please

  • Erica Neri

    I would love to see an actual blocking feature or private feature so certain people can’t stalk you by username :) it can be kind of creepy

  • Channey

    Lol yea I’m trynna privatize my stuff now :(((((( can you make this a thing VSCO? Long time user here

  • abby w

    yesss! please!

  • Sofia

    Yes please! I want to switch to vsco instead of instagram!!

  • balagamnoor

    Hi! Came here to say the same thing! I would love to have either an option to a private account or the option to choose which photos I want to be private. It is the option to privacy that I believe is extremely crucial to any social media platform. Thank you!!

  • kenzie larson

    Private account or at least choose who cant see each post

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