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Upload photos from Computer from the website

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  • Official comment

    Great feature suggestion, shuchona rahman! If you had this ability, how much more valuable and important would your VSCO membership be if you could upload photos directly from your laptop? 

  • Ermanno Fissore

    That’s a great feature that I think will improve a lot the use of VSCO for every photographer that use mostly a camera to take picture instead of the phone. Like myself I always have to airdrop the pictures from my computer to the phone, so a web uploaded will reduce the workflow of one step. 

  • Marine Willi

    Thinking the same, i'm struggling aswell.  Would love to work on VSCO from my computer.

  • Heather

    I don't typically use my phone for photography, and don't have a way to upload my projects to my account without going through the hassle of uploading to g**gle photos, then downloading from there to load my images into VSCO.  So many extra steps were eliminated when VSCO still had the uploader function.  It was incredibly disappointing to see the uploader phased out - it genuinely was one of the more useful aspects of the app, and was a huge reason why VSCO was my first ever paid subscription app.  I don't anticipate this feature being re-implemented any time soon, and will probably discontinue using VSCO once my subscription year ends.  There's a lot of value in the other tools, certainly, but actually being able to upload and edit the photos I take is - not so surprisingly - kind of essential, and the whole point of having the app in the first place.  

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