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New on VSCO - Light & Texture FX

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  • Official comment

    Hi, there Peter Egan Jr! You should see Light & Texture FX in the newly located "FX" tab when you open Studio > Camera Roll > Select an image to edit. If you don't see the new Light & Texture FX filter series, reach out to our support team for more help!

    Please also keep in mind that new beta features are available for VSCO members to test. To get started, sign up here!

  • Peter Egan Jr

    Am I doing this right?

  • amarrugoj

    I'm beta and I still can't seem to see these new features... Is there something else that I should be doing? 

  • mayah

    Hi there, amarrugoj! When and where did you sign up for the Public Beta Program? If you have not officially signed up yet, you can do so here!

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