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Introducing A Distressed Film FX VSCO Giveaway

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  • Official comment

    Congratulations are in order for these selected creators from the VSCO Distressed FX Giveaway! A big shoutout to:

    • maria-antonietta will receive a 1-year VSCO membership for 3 friends and family members, and a “mystery” swag pack of 3 VSCO branded merch items.

    • leslieepalacios will receive a 1-year VSCO membership.

    Kudos to everyone who participated! Your Distressed #VSCOFX creations were spoooooky and amazing!

    Ready to try something new? Sign up to join our Public Beta Program to test new features like Frames Film FX. Please note this program is currently only open for Members only.

  • Stoney Rodewald

    Absolutely love these new features! I have wanted a film camera for a long time now. With these new features it gives us digital users the capability of shooting “film” 😜 LOVE IT!

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