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photo dump / slide feature


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  • Official comment

    Thanks for sharing, Alene Patel! This is a really great feature suggestion, especially the option to favorite and repost the slideshow/album! How do you see yourself using this feature? For example, do you post a lot of images that are from photo series? 

  • Alene Patel

    I appreciate you taking the time to get more insight about my feature suggestion. I see myself using that feature in many ways if VSCO releases it. I can list a few examples! One that I feel like would be useful could just be able to group photos into one post almost like an album or slideshow. like if I went to a birthday party, I could post 5-10 photos from the birthday party in one post without it taking up too much “room” on my profile page or on others’ feed. Or, I can post a few photos of the sunsets that I have seen over the last few weeks, like a slideshow. Another way I can see it being used is just to be able to post multiple photos from a photo shoot. I have seen different creators that do photo shoots and have to post 3-6 separate posts, of the same setting / model etc (just a different pose)  when I feel like the feature to just post those photos under one post or album could save space on profiles as well as feeds (and ALL of the photos from that shoot could get the same amount of exposure / favorites / reposts) . But of course, if someone wants to separate those photos and individually post them that would still be an option as well. I have been obsessed with swiping through photo dumps on instagr*m (lol) and its cool to see multiple forms of media / multiple photos under one caption and get the same amount of likes etc. the only downside is that I use VSCO to post photos and not on insta. I feel like the feature would be really popular as many users prefer posting in slides/photo dump formats right now. another feature that might be similar is just allowing folders on our profiles. example: album of “me” or album of “traveling” or album of “food” where we can just put existing posts into a folder to group them with each other but also keep them in our feed? I hope that makes sense and I hope my response doesnt sound pushy or anything! I genuinely appreciate the time and effort VSCO takes to make the app better and better. Thanks! 

  • Mayah

    Amazing! Thank you for clarifying that! If you have any additional ideas that you want to share on this specific feature suggestion in the future, you can do so here! In the meantime, I'll share this with the team and I also encourage you to share this with others on VSCO who would like to see the same feature so they can upvote it here!

  • Sofia

    Yes please !!!

  • brandonrumsch

    Agreed! I would love this feature so I can post a series of photos that all have to do with each other or are just random photos I would like to share within the album or dump or collection, whatever you want to call it

  • Zach Hodges

    Great suggestion. Would you ever want a faster way to select large groups of images as well, but not all of them?

  • Mayah

    Hi, Alene Patel ! I am chiming back in here to let you know that spaces now allow multiple images to be uploaded at once! Try it out, and let me know what you think!

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