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Change Montage aspect ratio (landscape/horizontal)

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  • Official comment

    We hear you, Adam Schooley - thanks for sharing that! How much would this impact your workflow when editing Montage creations if this was available to you?

  • Adam Schooley

    100%. I would actually use the Montage feature if it offered landscape and the ability to change your aspect ratio. I currently do not use it, but I would like to. The tutorial is misleading and it’s unfair to lock your customers out of the freedom to choose. Especially when a lot of photographers shoot and edit in landscape when using your app.

  • Mayah

    Thank you for the valuable feedback, Adam Schooley! If you know of anyone else on VSCO who would like to see this as well, please share your feature request with them here so they can upvote for us and our team to see! 

  • mandanar

    Same. I just spent so much time creating a montage, having it crash again and again. Then getting to post it realizing the aspect ratio is off. 

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