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Sort Photos by Date Taken, Name - Essential Feature for Batch work

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    Zach Hodges

    Definitely hear this one, I want this too. Vincent Gallardo I'm curious how you would imagine using the file names, since we don't show those? I'm guessing you'd want to see them then?

  • Mayah

    Thank you for sharing, Vincent Gallardo !

  • Ben Brewington

    This is my most desired feature.  The file naming conventions within VSCO cause disorganization when exporting out finished/edited photos.  I use VSCO quite heavily and would greatly appreciate a organized by date or organized by naming convention feature.  This is especially frustrating when editing batches of 60 to 200 photos, because I then have to go file by file after the export to rename the files.  Please look into developing this feature.  I and I'm sure others, would be absolutely elated!

  • willmasonjones

    The latest reviews on the App Store and twitter say it all. Moving basic features that have been loyally used for years such as grain, tone, clarity and everyone’s favourite filters behind a pay wall suddenly is not the right move. There are other ways to monetise other than forcing loyal users to pay for basic features. Please have a read of the latest update reviews, have a chat with your product team and please reconsider.

  • Arthur Chaumay

    This would be an incredible update! Any type of organization that allows you to navigate better in the app would be a blast. Maybe even creating folders or such!

  • Mo

    yes please. Why is this still not a thing? Such a pain when you add more pictures later, but the order stubbornly stays in the order you added the pictures to VSCO…

  • Emily Loh

    If vsco is to compete with the grown ups, this is an absolute must. When batch editing and exporting, all the file names are mixed up, which is no bueno when you rely on the order of the file names to make sure you're putting the photos in order. 

    This was one of the advantages of using the film packs in LR, could also organize your work with Bridge, etc... now my workflow is about 3x less efficient because I have to go and evaluate what order the photos are in, or take way too much care when importing them. At the *very* least, there should be an export with metadata option, but it's all overwritten, so I have very few options. 

    It's enough to make me cancel my subscription because this is not "pro" at all. 

  • Zach Hodges

    Good news folks! The new Sort & Filter feature is live now in the iOS app, which I think should ease some of the pain points here. You have 4 new sorting options: 

    • Date added (the order you selected them at import)
    • Recently edited (most recently edited drafts on top)
    • Newest (creation date, newest photos on top)
    • Oldest (creation date, oldest photos on top)

    Give those a try and let us know how they work for you, hoping this helps everyone a lot.

    There is also an upcoming change (not out yet) that will keep the file name the same, just appending _vsco to the end of it. I'll update here once that's out. 

    Thanks again for the feedback everyone, it's super helpful. Keep it coming!

  • Mo

    Hi Zach, looks fantastic, a much needed and very welcome improvement! No in-depth testing done yet, but sorting by newest probably will be my new go-to. 🙏

  • Mo

    Hi Zach, quick update after taking a second look add the new sorting option.
    Unfortunately, once I edited a photo, it gets put onto the very top even when having "newest" as the sorting method set. This should only happen when using "recently edited", not when using "newest" - I want to keep my pictures sorted by their date of capture, independen of if i added editing steps onto them or not.

  • Mo

    btw, the "edit" feature of comments here in the forum seems to be broken for me.

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