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Bring journals back

Not planned

6 Replies

  • Official comment

    Thanks for sharing, danielle abaya! Be sure to also upvote the post you previously commented on ("Bring Journals Back!") to share your support on this and for the VSCO team to review!

  • jane bird

    I just want journals back so I can delete all of mine. Seriously makes me cringe when I see them.

  • laura.chmiel5

    Please bring them back, it was the feature that made VSCO stand out:( I disagree that not so many people used it. I hear complains about that among users all the time.

  • santosnelljherynatte

    Please bring journals back. I love making journals about my travels. Hope you take this into consideration! :)

  • Valerie Keim

    I miss the journals feature soooo much! It was such a fun feature that no other apps have and I was SO sad to see them go! :(

  • juliakayoneill


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