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New Film Inspired Filters and More Attention in that Department

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  • Fladson Gomes


  • Zach Hodges (VSCO Employee)

    Andrē Dinis Hello! It definitely reached someone who can try to provide change and growth. 😉 I've been heavily involved in our film efforts from the start and let me just say that we're not done! Also, I'm so grateful for the dedicated community we have around our film products. You are why these things exist, and continue to exist, so thank you.

    Hopefully, you can see an increase in activity on the film front from us. We released FF5 last month (Fortia SP, a rare 50 ISO slide film) and FA1 (Fuji Astia 100F) just recently. Definitely working on more for this year as well. I'd love to hear more about what you envision for the Vision 3 series, as those are all films that are pretty firmly attached to a positive print process for projection traditionally. What would you expect that product to be, and how would you want to use it?

    Thanks folks, keep the ideas and feedback coming! It's definitely helpful.

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