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Delete Journals

Not planned

33 Replies

  • sophia

    I would also like to delete my old journals and there must be an oppurtunity where I do not have to delete my whole account which I have built with love!

  • risthika gurung

    Yes I’d love to delete my journals as well without having to delete my whole account. I think it is very frustrating that we cannot delete just the journals.

  • lfelmlee94

    me as well

  • fernandacuevasg

    Come on! I need to delete a couple too, this is the most annoying bug ever.

  • 2004makari

    Omg pleaseeeee it’s not that hard to just let us delete old embarrassing photos from journals for the public to see. Will VSCO see these comments?

  • gobi4.gc

    I have been trying to find a way as well and it is soo annoying

  • Elle

    i need to delete just one journal too. why is it so hard to make such request


  • say.whatt84

    Please just allow us to remove journals we don’t want anymore!! I want to post my vsco link on my Instagram but no way I am going to do that if people pull up my page and see a whole journal dedicated to my ex. So please please please.

  • alyssanguyen317


  • alvesheloisa677

    eu tbm, preciso remover uma ft antiga

  • Henry Weka


  • simonenicolee1

    I understand deleting the journal feature because not a lot of people were using it but why is it still available on the web version?!!! I just wanna delete my old journals !!!

  • Wei Ting C.

    I would love to delete my journals without deleting my entire account as well. 
    Please do something about this :( 

  • Elizabeth Amatangelo

    pls let us delete our journals!!

  • Tess Sims

    please let us delete a journal without deleting the whole account!!

  • arielcrane873

    Pleaseee let us delete our journals, I have a lot of memories on my vsco account and I don't want to delete my whole account just to delete a journal folder full of embarrasing photos of me, thank you!!!!

  • Grace Johnson

    I don't want my ex on my vsco account, but I don't want to delete my account that I've had for years. I also don't want someone I know discovering my profile by link and thinking I'm weird for having my ex on my page still. Please change this or bring back journals because I actually liked having it.

  • kimaldave


  • mponiki8

    let us delete journals

  • +17343093991

    please let us delete journals! If you took the feature away the journals should’ve deleted it with it! I don’t want to have to delete my account that’s uncalled for … :/

  • maria gannon

    its time to fix this feature how is this still a problem

  • Lara

    how is this possible? just help us delete the journals please

  • isabella p ✰

    literally it makes me so frustrated because i don’t want to delete my whole account, they should make it so you can at least archive them or something how is it fair that we can’t delete them :(

  • isabella p ✰

    if anyone sees this comment, i found a solution!! u have to download the old version of the app with the journals feature and then you can delete your journals.

  • sophia

    How can I download the old version?

  • isabella p ✰

    if u have any old devices that aren’t completely updated u can download an older version of vsco bc the newer version isn’t compatible with the old ios. lmk if u need me to explain more. or if u have vsco on an old device and it isn’t updated to the newest version of vsco. i think there are also other ways to download an old version of an app but it’s kinda complicated

  • Fabiana Olinger

    hey, its time to fix this feature, we want to have the choice to delete journals!!

  • soph

    we should have the option to delete our journals because they show up on the web version still

  • mmoua081

    How is this not a thing yet??! 

  • bayleigh shrode

    Can we make it to where we can delete old journals? I want to be able to have my VSCO on my Instagram link, but it shows old journals. I don't want to have to delete my whole account and lose all my posts because there's not a feature to delete cringy journals we made in high school.

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