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ProRaw Support


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  • Zach Hodges

    aberamati Thank you for sharing this! I love ProRaw myself and use it pretty much exclusively, so I feel your pain here. What do you imagine filters that take advantage of it would do? Just use more dynamic range?

  • Mike Semyonov

    It would be wonderful to have a full RAW support like in Lightroom or any other similar software. The VSCO filters are great, but I don’t use them because I only fine-tune my photographs using editing tools in VSCO, and I’m actually quite sad that I need to add Lightroom in my workflow.

  • Mo

    If at best it takes you much time to implement this, maybe meanwhile display an exclamation mark on top of each problematic filter name below if a user wants to edit a ProRAW image with a newer complex filter like AU5, like an instant visual indication/warning that this is not going to work as intended. Currently i can't even tell at first glance which filters are the newer ones with the added sliders, i have to try each filter. You can do better than this, my smartphone got better but the UX is degrading for me, unfortunately! 😐

  • Alexander Casella

    Curious to know if any progress on this was made? D

  • msnying6688


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