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Blocking accounts on VSCO

5 Replies

  • Tessa Heineman

    Agreed. Please add this feature:)

  • amandawarren69

    Please add this feature. Preferably like instagram how you’re able to block an account and all accounts created by that user. It’s greatly needed and important for safety purposes. I’ve been hoping vsco would add this feature for at least over a year. 🙏

  • carsey mattsson

    When you block someone on VSCO, they should NOT be able to view any of your stuff. It removes the purpose of blocking them.

  • see_mcleod

    Exactly. Its ridiculous that i have no way of preventing certain people from viewing my photos. Who honestly thought this was a good idea? Or are they just lazy? Fix this right now VSCO

  • Veronika Johnson

    yes please!!!! It makes me very uneasy to know that anyone who wants to can always see my account no matter what i do, and i don’t want to have to stop using vsco after years or just “suck it up” because this isn’t a feature.

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