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VSCO should run on M1 Macs

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  • Official comment

    Thank you for all of the in-depth responses here in this thread, VSCO! Keep the conversation going, and let people know how this would impact your workflow below in the comments!

  • Joshua Thamin

    I would love for this feature as well

  • londonroadhog

    I agree as well. I use the laptop 100% for my photo edits. I hate using a mobile device for photo editing. It is one thing when on holiday, but not when you are at home. Laptops/Computers give a far bigger screen, and more processing power, plus a lot more storage capabilities. I am currently only in the trial period, and without a laptop version, or at least being able to use it on my Macbook pro M1. I don't think I'll continue into the subscription period. 

  • logan poe

    100% if VSCO was a mac app I might actually stop using Lightroom for a lot of my personal work, would save me massive amounts of time. 

  • Joshua Thamin

    I would also love to have this feature!!! is very useful for video editing footage on my dji pocket.

  • Zach Hodges (VSCO Employee)

    Joshua Thamin logan poe londonroadhog I'm stoked on your interest here, thank you! Question for you all: Would you want this to integrate with the camera roll or the MacOS file system?

  • Kevin Longo

    Thanks for the reply, Zach. I think it could be great to be able to connect to the camera roll or be used as a plug-in for Photos (where it could keep a record of non-destructive edits, for endless editing without quality loss). That being said, my current workflow is mostly Lightroom CC (not Classic) and if I have to export to make any edits outside of Lightroom, so being able to access the Mac file system would certainly be helpful.

  • logan poe

    I dont know what the above dude said, but for the love of all that is holy. Please base it on the basic Mac File System. There's no way for photographers who use actual cameras to get their photos from their camera, onto their phone, or even into the camera roll, in an easy concise matter. There's no point in offering raw image support if none of us can get our raw files that matter into VSCO. Phones are generally hostile towards raw images, M1 Macs are not, and that's the entire point. Please bridge the gap between this for us professionals who want to be on VSCO more, it would mean a lot. Nobody cares about us anymore lol. 

  • londonroadhog

    I'd say MacOS fie system. Then it is always possible to output to Photos, and iCloud can then sync the images to all devices. If you can make it a Mac OSX app, you'd get far more photographers, both professional as well as amateurs looking into VSCO a lot more seriously. 

  • Joshua Thamin

    Personally I don’t use Lightroom. My current workflow as a non professional is to use either photos app or other apps that rely on the macOS file system such as luminar ai to edit photos depending on what I took the footage on. I would typically export the edited photos into macOS for storage on cloud (either iCloud or one drive)

  • Dmitry Dneprovsky

    Good afternoon!

    I vote for integration with the MacOS file system.

    I'll be happy to test your beta versions. 


  • Peter Almeyda

    Just recently purchased the M2 Air. Was stoked to try iOS apps on it using Rosseta, when I realized that the developer had not extended the app for MacOS use... I was dumbfounded. Really hope we can integrate VSCO iOS onto MacOS for M1 and M2 devices. 

  • Seán Dunne

    This would be an absolute game changer of a feature… other photo editing apps would become useless to me in comparison. The only reason for using other applications is the existence of functioning desktop versions… the fact that vsco can only be used in a serious photo editing capacity if you own an iPad (phone screens are just too small) is a real shame given how capable the software is compared to the competition. If vsco allowed their ipad os app to run on Apple silicon as other developers have would be outstanding please do this!

  • Sebastian Mazur

    Yes, please 🫠

  • juliakayoneill

    Definitely want this!!!

  • Alexandre Jodoin

    Yes!!!  This would absolutely be a game changer to be able to do everything on desktop like on mobile 🙌

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