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VSCO should run on M1 Macs

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  • Joshua Thamin

    I would love for this feature as well

  • londonroadhog

    I agree as well. I use the laptop 100% for my photo edits. I hate using a mobile device for photo editing. It is one thing when on holiday, but not when you are at home. Laptops/Computers give a far bigger screen, and more processing power, plus a lot more storage capabilities. I am currently only in the trial period, and without a laptop version, or at least being able to use it on my Macbook pro M1. I don't think I'll continue into the subscription period. 

  • logan poe

    100% if VSCO was a mac app I might actually stop using Lightroom for a lot of my personal work, would save me massive amounts of time. 

  • Joshua Thamin

    I would also love to have this feature!!! is very useful for video editing footage on my dji pocket.

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