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Please let me overwrite photo in the original photo

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  • limlokyeung

    yes please! the update is so time-consuming and unnecessary

  • angelinashablovskaya2013

    I agree for sure! The feature was such a big advantage!

  • ray chan

    now i can only batch-edit plus overwriting existing photo on original version on my ipad, where the app is not updated.
    It's so bad i cannot downgrade the iPhone app to the previous version.


    There are too many reasons why they should keep the function:

    1. time saving for batch edit on photos of same camera setting. just copy and paste the edit to the selected photos.
    2. The edited and overwritten photo keeps the original meta file data like geo-location, time created
    3. user don't need to keep the original photo as duplicated. if they want to get back the original photo, just revert from the overwritten file.

    I am very disappointed that no official response to this comment and heartedly feedback.

    I think i will unsubscribe if they take out this function in long run.

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