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Possibility to delete more than one picture at a time


6 Replies

  • vedika khanna

    yes please

  • Gerald

    I would like to multi-select pictures for deletion with a swipe like Apple or lightroom mobile. 

    I need to clean my iPad and want to delete 100+ pictures at once. 

  • nsasena1

    The ability to select multiple photos should be in the app. I hope the feature is added, kind of crazy it’s not an option

  • audreyp100

    Yes please, I really hope they update the app soon and add this feature. It’s really annoying and time consuming when I want to clean up my feed. :/

  • avary gray

    I need this to be a thing right now! I am wanting to easily delete all of my old pictures to make my account a more organized space for all of my good pictures! I have the same problem with deleting one by one and then it going to the top of my page after I delete each one, causing me to scroll all the way back down to where I was.

  • Gerald

    I have been waiting until the very end for this to come.

    But when I finally ran out of storage on my iPad (VSCO > 50 GB) I had to take the nuclear option and delete the app - including all my curated favorite filters. 

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