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Blur feature (uniform, not radial or linear)


3 Replies

  • Zach Hodges (VSCO Employee)

    octoberontheplanet Agreed! This is something I've been wanting as well. I actually hack the linear blur to do this by making it super narrow and then pushing it down past the bottom of the screen so that you get a pretty uniform blur on the whole image. If you just want to add a small amount of blur to take the edge off, it works nicely. BUT, I agree that it'd be great to have this as a feature, thanks for bringing it up!

  • octoberontheplanet

    Zach Hodges (VSCO Employee) Really appreciate your reply, thank you! I've tried hacking the linear blur too, but even the jump from 0.0 to 0.1 often results in too intense of a blur. I'm excited to hear that you've been looking for this as well. Otherwise the app is a joy to use, been loving VSCO for many years, so kudos to you all!

  • leon.vandenberg

    Maybe a good idea for this: It would be great to 'paint' your own custom shape to use as a depth map for the blur effect, and not be restricted to the linear + radial shape. I think this will give great flexibility, as you can also paint the entire image to be blurred.

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