VSCO Membership: HSL

You could access the VSCO Studio by tapping here.

The HSL tool gives you control to adjust the Hue, Saturation and Lightness of a specific color in an image or video. 

The HSL tool for VSCO Members gives you fine-tuned control over 6 hue regions— red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

By selecting one color at a time, you can isolate adjustments for that particular color without affecting other color present in the image.

In your Studio Screen_Shot_2019-09-23_at_3.39.56_PM.pngselect an image and tap on  the Edit icon Tools.png




Tap on the Tools icon Tools.png  swipe left on the tool tray to locate and tap on the HSL icon HSL_ICON_3x.png

If you see this icon is locked, be sure to sign into your VSCO account that has your VSCO Membership. If you can't access your Membership, please see our article My VSCO Membership is Missing.




Tap on the color you wish to adjust, and slide to change




H - Hue controls the distinct shade of a color on a gradient. For example, by adjusting the blue hue in an image, the color may shift from turquoise to periwinkle.


hue_minus.png hue_control.png hue_plus.png


S - Saturation determines how strong a particular color is. Sometimes referred to as 'colorfulness,' moving the S-slider to the left will result in a muted, gray color, while moving the S-slider right will result in the most intense, bold version of that hue.


saturation_minus.png saturation_control.png saturation_plus.png


L - Lightness, also referred to as luminosity or luminance adjusts the lightness of a particular color. Adjustments to the L-slider will make the selected hue darker or lighter. By moving the L-slider to the right to increase the lightness of the blue, the dress in the following image becomes more visible against the rich color of the bench.


lightness_minus.png lightness_control.png lightness_plus.png


To reset all colors to default, swipe the color dock at the bottom of the screen to the left and you will see the option to reset all of the sliders. 


.Simulator_Screen_Shot_-_iPhone_6_-_2018-02-20_at_14.50.01.png Simulator_Screen_Shot_-_iPhone_6_-_2018-02-20_at_14.50.04.png


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